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What is HubSpot API Integrations?

HubSpot is a platform that connects your marketing, sales, and services tools to a unified CRM database. However, businesses often use additional software for ERP, accounting, project management, or invoicing to meet all operational needs.

Operating across multiple systems isn’t ideal. Sharing information and communication between different entities can become challenging, making it difficult to have a unified view of all organizational activities.

The good news is that you can integrate most (if not all) of these systems with your HubSpot account. An API Integration connects two or more platforms via application programming interfaces (API) so that they can exchange data. This keeps all of your information in sync and increases productivity and cooperation within your business. The integration can either be done through:

  • Out-of-the-Box apps on the HubSpot Marketplace: Developed either by HubSpot or third-party providers and designed to connect HubSpot with other popular platforms without the need for custom coding. While they provide immediate value and simplify processes, their customization options are limited to the predefined settings and capabilities designed by the developers.
  • Custom Developed Integrations Using API: Built from scratch to meet specific business requirements that cannot be addressed by out-of-the-box solutions. They offer a high degree of customization, support more complex workflows, unique business processes, and specific data management needs that go beyond the scope of pre-built integrations. Custom integrations usually require more time and resources to develop, test, and maintain.

    Developing a custom integration requires programming knowledge and a deep understanding of both HubSpot’s API and the API of the platform you're integrating with.

Why Choosing ConnectIn Digital for Your Custom API Integration Project?

Choosing ConnectIn Digital for your HubSpot Custom API integration offers unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence. Our team of certified HubSpot developers brings years of experience in crafting sophisticated, tailor-made API solutions that seamlessly connect HubSpot with your existing software ecosystem.

Our track record of successful HubSpot Custom API integrations speaks for itself. We have effectively integrated a wide range of platforms with HubSpot, including Asana, Monday.com, QuickBooks, Xero, ClickUp, and WhatsApp, among others. Our expertise extends across various sectors and software functionalities, ensuring that regardless of the tools your business relies on, we can create a seamless bridge to HubSpot.

Highlighting our commitment to excellence and innovation, we have also developed and launched two applications on the HubSpot Marketplace—Asana and QuickBooks integrations. These apps exemplify our ability to create solutions that not only enhance productivity but are also recognized for their reliability and effectiveness by the broader HubSpot community.

Our API Integration Process

Embarking on a HubSpot API integration journey transforms the way your business operates, seamlessly connecting your existing software ecosystems with HubSpot's powerful platform. At ConnectIn Digital, we've refined our integration process into a series of well-defined steps, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and aligns perfectly with our clients' business objectives. From the initial discovery to the exciting moment of going live, our approach is designed to provide clarity, efficiency, and results. Here’s how we navigate the path of integrating HubSpot with your essential business tools, ensuring a smooth transition and a robust solution tailored to your needs.


Discovery Session Workshop

  • We kick off with a comprehensive discovery session, aiming to fully understand your business needs, workflows, and the specific functionalities you're looking to achieve with the integration. This phase ensures we align our approach with your strategic objectives right from the start.

Data Mapping

  • Following the initial discovery, we conduct a detailed data mapping exercise, identifying how data will flow between systems. This step is crucial for ensuring that the integration will accurately reflect your operational processes and data requirements.

Building the Integration

  • With a clear plan in place, our development team gets to work on building the custom API integration. This involves coding, setting up the necessary connections, and ensuring that data can flow seamlessly and securely between HubSpot and the other platforms.

User Acceptance Tests

  • Before going live, we conduct thorough user acceptance testing (UAT) with key stakeholders to ensure the integration meets your needs and works as expected in real-world scenarios. This phase is essential for identifying and addressing any potential issues.

Go Live

  • Once testing is complete and the integration has been approved, we move forward with the go-live process. This final step marks the beginning of your streamlined operations, with ongoing support from our team to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

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“I am beyond thrilled to take the time today to write this review for ConnectIn. As the representative of my company, itcan, I want to express our sincere gratitude for their unparalleled service in assisting with the onboarding, setup, and integrations of our HubSpot account. However, where ConnectIn truly shines is with their work on integrations. The level of automation and synchronization they achieved has undoubtedly increased our efficiency and productivity. What stood out the most about ConnectIn was their excellent communication. They kept us informed every step of the way, promptly addressing our queries and concerns. This made the whole process stress-free and truly enjoyable.”

Nigel E.

Digital Transformation & Business Excellence at ITCAN Technology, UAE

“The ConnectIn representatives are very friendly and responsive. During the implementation of our requirements, the ConnectIn team was quick to respond to changes and willing to help make them. We ordered the setup of HubSpot for the Sales department and the implementation of Asana and HubSpot integration. Although HubSpot has integration with Asana out of the box, many cases are not covered by this integration, so the ConnectIn team developed a service for us that performs the necessary automation. We installed this service on our servers without any problems, it works perfectly and is easy to change. Many thanks to the ConnectIn team, especially to manager Lamine and developer Michael.”

Maksim I.

IT Project Management at The Soul Publishing, Cyprus


HubSpot does have more than 1000 connectors that can be accessed. Some integrations are free while others are paid. These integrations come with certain features that may not be helpful for your business or unique requirements. If you need custom API Integration, you need to hire an experienced agency like ConnectIn that is capable of handling it for you. Your in-house IT department may not have the expertise to successfully integrate your software with HubSpot.

It’s very likely that you can, provided that the software has an open API or if it’s already supported through the HubSpot Marketplace. We can develop an API for virtually any solution.

The timeframe varies widely based on several factors, including the complexity of the integration, the specific requirements and goals of the project, the systems being integrated, and the availability of resources. Simple integrations might take a few days to weeks, while more complex integrations requiring custom development, extensive data mapping, or workflow automation could take several weeks to months.

HubSpot employs robust security measures, including SSL/TLS encryption for data in transit, OAuth for authentication, and comprehensive access controls to ensure that data shared through API integrations remains secure. HubSpot also complies with major data protection regulations, further safeguarding data privacy.

Managing and maintaining API integration involves monitoring its performance, ensuring data accuracy, and making adjustments as needed. This might include updating the integration for new API versions, adding new data fields to sync, or modifying automation rules. Regular reviews of the integration’s performance and outcomes are essential. Working with ConnectIn Digital can help manage this process effectively.

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