What Is Social Media Marketing and Why Does It Matter?

Studies show that the average phone user spends nearly 2.5 hours using different social media sites every day. This is why social media marketing has become one of the most important aspects of contemporary marketing strategies and why you can see more and more companies using this as a marketing avenue every day. 

The power of popularity behind social media platforms has allowed them to act as profitable mediums for business growth. Marketing via social media can help you generate traffic to your sites, improve conversion rates, and diversify your customer base. 

When you sign up for Social Media Marketing in UAE with ConnectIn Digital, you will be connected with a team of social media experts who can help you with this process at every stage, leading to a lot of benefits for you and your company. Let’s talk about those benefits in a little more detail.

The Benefits of Using ConnectIn Digital For Your Social Media Marketing:

1. Getting Your Name Out There

Did you know that 54% of users use social media as a tool for product research? People don’t just use social media to connect with their friends and family. They also use it to shop, research, and explore.

Social media platforms are one of the best possible avenues to help you increase your brand awareness and public exposure. To go the extra mile, you can use a social media marketing strategy to target the right people at the right times. 

Our team can help you manage your social media presence so that you can generate followers who match your target demographic. With our experience and expertise in this area, we can help you grow your online presence so that it falls in the right hands.

2. Increasing Revenue and Profit

Social media marketing can be profitable in multiple ways. With the right social media marketing strategy, you can enhance your revenue generation in a short space of time. Social media is a cost-effective and budget-friendly way of scaling your business upwards. You can put little money in and generate lots of money out. It requires some skill and expertise, but we have that in spades.

3. Building Essential Customer Relationships

Establishing yourself as an expert in your field via your social media presence is an effective way to create trust and build confidence with your target audience, helping you form long-term relationships with them.

Our team will help you create valuable content that will help build this essential trust in customers, helping to convert them into leads, and then to sales. We are skilled in managing cross-platform content to support your business in consistent growth and profit over time.

4. Leveling Up Your Traffic and Conversion Rates

Social media platforms help drive traffic to your sites and platforms. We can help you build and run campaigns that will drive target hits straight to your door, helping you reach new levels of engagement. We can also help you optimise your content for search engines, allowing you to rise higher through the ranks of results.

Connectin Digital as your Reliable Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai

Work with us for your social media marketing needs in the middle-east region as we are one of the leading Social Media Agencies in UAE and middle-east. To give you even more insights into what we do here at ConnectIn digital with social media promotions, let’s give you an overview of our process.


1. We Help You Find The Right Platform For Your Content


We will help figure out exactly where on social media you need to be and how. It is important you find the right social media channels for you and your target demographic, and we will help you find your online home. We help you market on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube. Wherever will help you connect the most, that is where we will go.


2. We Help You Create and Publish Top-Tier Content


Our team of social media experts can guide you in creating content optimised for specific platforms’ algorithms on a regular schedule with a high degree of accuracy and quality. It is easy to create content. It is difficult to create the right content to get you to where you want to be.


3. We Manage Your Social Media Accounts By:


3.1. Creating Reports and Conducting Data Analysis

Our social media managers will conduct in-depth audits and produce reports based on your social media presence. We will use this data to help you manage your accounts in ways that focus on increasing your trustworthiness, reach, and reputation online.


3.2. Running Ads

To find the right customers, it is essential to employ effective social media ad campaigns. Our team will help you create specific advertising strategies that reflect the demands of the platform and the data from the consumers. Our ads attract new clients, increase conversion, and improve sales.


3.3. Running Campaigns

Social media campaigns are one the most effective tools in attracting your target audience within a particular time frame. We use a range of media and tools to run efficient campaigns that help you reach all of your social media goals, including email marketing lists, hashtag campaigns, and targeted content.


3.4. Retargeting Facebook/LinkedIn Ads

The content that we can make for you is highly personalised and optimised for your specific brand. We can create content for each individual platform in a way that works especially for Facebook and Linkedin, making them worthwhile and profitable.


Frequently Asked Questions

We will help you pick the right social media platform for your business. It will depend on your target audience, demographic, and business goals.

A healthy social media schedule is essential for marketing success. Our team of experts will help you manage and automate schedules that work for you and your content.

Absolutely! Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to improve sales. It helps you drive traffic, increase leads, and generate revenue—a three-step path to sales success.

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